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You type out the first thing that pops into your head and press send without hesitating.


You throw the phone across the room the second you press send, embarrassed.


You send screenshots of your conversation to your friends and ask them to come up with a response for you.


You ask them questions, let them vent to you, and barely talk about your own life.


You purposely wait a certain amount of time to text them back to stop yourself from looking too eager.


You take your time coming up with the perfect response, reread it three times, and delete everything.


You overthink every little thing they say to you and end up stressing yourself out more than you should.


You get too nervous and don’t end up texting back at all.


You only text them when you’re drunk.


You talk to your crush the same exact way you would talk to anybody else.


Most of the time, you reply with gifs, emojis, and selfies.


You reply instantly and commonly send double (or even triple) texts. TC mark



She sends you a dirty text.


She kisses you with more passion than usual.


She talks about how badly she needs to relax and wind down — and how she wants you to help her.


She cuddles with you and makes a point to rub up against you.


She sends you a provocative selfie only you get to see.


She climbs onto your lap.


She offers you a massage — or talks about how badly she needs one.


She goes on and on about how sexy you look.


She slips into lingerie.


She grabs your hand and brings you to the bedroom.


She turns on the music you like to have on in the background during sex.


She straight up tells you she’s turned on. TC mark


We know we shouldn’t be chasing after guys who want nothing to do with us. So why do we keep doing it?

1. We (wrongly) assume they’re too scared to make a move. We have a hard time accepting our feelings are one-sided. We assume the other person must feel the same way about us, so we make up excuses about why they haven’t asked us out yet. Maybe they’re shy. Maybe they’re scared of making the first move. Maybe they’re bad at texting. Maybe they were hurt so badly in their last relationship that they’re too scared to love again. No matter what the case may be, we assume they really do want to be with us. They just haven’t admitted it yet.

2. They’re purposely stringing us along. Sometimes, people will purposely make us think they feel the same way in order to keep us around for longer. Sometimes, they’ll play with our emotions in order to benefit themselves. After all, we’re always there to boost their ego and act as their shoulder to lean on, so they don’t want to lose us – but they don’t want to date us either. Unfortunately, since they’re so sneaky and manipulative, it’s hard for us to tell whether they actually like us too or whether they’re only playing games.

3. We think we can change their minds. We think, if they get to know us well enough, they’ll change their minds about dating us. We think we’re right about being perfect for each other and it’s only a matter of time until they realize it too. We think we deserve a happy ending and it’s going to happen one of these days. We have unrealistically high expectations because we can picture our daydreams becoming a reality.

4. We’ve been taught to fight for what we want. Sometimes, it’s good to chase after what we want. Other times, it’s not the greatest idea. When it comes to relationships, we probably shouldn’t chase after someone who doesn’t want to be caught because it always ends with us in one-sided relationships. It always ends with us giving more than we receive back. Of course, chasing them isn’t fair to them either. If they don’t want to date us, we should respect their wishes. We should leave them alone.

5. We like a challenge. Some of us are turned off by people who are attracted to us because we feel like they have bad taste. We don’t actually want someone who wants us. We want someone who couldn’t care less about us because it makes us feel like they’re out of our league, like getting them would be some sort of accomplishment. It’s a weird, self-destructive way to think, but some of us can’t help it.

6. We’re madly, deeply in love. Love makes us do crazy things. Sometimes, even though we know we’re going to end up getting our hearts broken, we can’t help but pine after a certain someone. They’re the only one we want, so it’s hard to give up on them. We just keep chasing them and chasing them until we burn out. TC mark


1. You’re never sure whether it’s really over. There have been times when he went MIA for a week and then returned as crazy about you as ever. Every time he leaves, you’re unsure whether you should start working on getting over him or whether you should wait it out because he’s bound to come back. Loving him is confusing because you never know what you’re going to get. You never know whether he’s going to text you to hang out that night or ghost you for good.

2. You were more than lovers, you were friends. There are some people you’ve dated that you felt less of a connection with than this person. Even though you never made things official, losing them is the worst kind of heartbreak. One of the hardest parts is you feel like you don’t have any right to be this upset over missing them since you were never a couple. You aren’t sure whether anyone else would understand the connection you two had. Honestly, you’re not even sure if he saw the connection you had.

3. You’re left with a million questions. It’s hard to get over someone when you aren’t sure why they walked away. It’s even harder to get over someone when you aren’t sure how they felt about you in the first place. Did their feelings match yours? Or were you making up the chemistry in your head? Are they perfectly fine without you? Or is this separation as hard on them as it’s been on you?

4. You never got to live out your wildest fantasies. It feels unfair that this person walked out of your life before you had the chance to experience everything you daydreamed about doing with them. Maybe you never went on vacation together. Maybe you never celebrated the holidays together. Maybe you never even kissed or slept together. Either way, there are so many things that you two didn’t get the chance to do that you had your heart set on experiencing.

5. You’re convinced you would have made a perfect couple. You made each other laugh. You had fun together. You could talk about anything – from television shows to music to your deepest, darkest fears. You feel like they really understood you, like they wanted the best for you. You were happiest when you were texting them, joking around with them, sitting side-by-side on the couch with them. You’re convinced you would have been great together, which is why it’s so heartbreaking you never became official.

6. Deep down, you don’t want to move on. Even though you know you should be putting effort into getting over this person, you would rather put effort into chasing them. They’re the only one that you want and there were times when a relationship was so close you could taste it. You don’t want to give up on them after all the time you invested in them. You always want to give them one more chance, even when they don’t deserve it. TC mark


1. “I can’t leave because we have too much history.” It doesn’t matter if you were college sweethearts or met when you were children in elementary school. You don’t owe your person anything, simply because you’ve known each other for most of your lives. You might feel like giving up on them would mean the last X amount of years were a waste, but that’s not the truth. The last handful of years taught you a lot. They brought you a lot of happiness and growth. But if you aren’t happy anymore, it’s time to leave.

2. “I can’t leave because he’s such a nice guy.” You’re not required to have feelings for a good guy. He might be perfect on paper, but you might not have any chemistry — and that’s okay. You’re allowed to leave if you aren’t feeling any sparks. Yes, there’s a chance you might break his heart, but it’s better to do it now than string him along and break it after he becomes even more invested in you.

3. “I can’t leave because it would make me look bad.” People like to gossip, so sure, they might have something to say about your relationship ending. But their opinions shouldn’t matter more than your own happiness. If your relationship isn’t going anywhere, then it’s okay to stop putting on a picture perfect charade. It’s okay to change your relationship status on social media. No one who actually matters is going to judge you for doing the right thing.

4. “I can’t leave because I don’t want to be single again.” Stop thinking of being single as the worst thing that could ever happen to you. It’s not nearly as bad as you remember. In fact, it’s much more relieving to be alone than in a relationship with someone who isn’t giving you everything you deserve.

5. “I can’t leave because I might not find anyone else to love me.” You’re beautiful. You’re talented. You’re a badass. One person already fell in love with you — and that wasn’t a one-time thing. You’re going to be in more relationships. You’re going to find more suitors. Guaranteed.

6. “I can’t leave because everything would change.” Unfortunately, long-term breakups are messy. If you’ve been with someone for a while, your lives are going to overlap. That means the end of your relationship might mean the end of some friendships. It might mean the end of your apartment lease. It might mean the end of your playtimes with his dog. But what you’re gaining will be worth everything you’re losing.

7. “I can’t leave because he’s the love of my life.” Love isn’t everything. Just because you have strong feelings for him doesn’t mean you’re supposed to spend forever with him. If he doesn’t respect you, you need to leave. If you have different ideas for the future, you need to leave. If love is the only reason you’re staying, you need to leave.

8. “I can’t leave because I would never survive without him.” It might take a while to get used to living life without someone you intended on staying with forever, but it will happen. You’ll get through it and will come out even stronger. TC mark


1. You pretend you’re fine with keeping things casual. Even though you’re tempted to tell him how you feel, you hold yourself back out of fear he’s going to end your arrangement if you bring feelings into the equation. So you pretend everything is fine. You pretend you’re having a fun time keeping it casual. You pretend you’re happy staying just friends even though it’s secretly killing you inside.

2. You fake orgasms. The whole point of your arrangement is to enjoy yourself in the bedroom so you really shouldn’t be faking orgasms. You should be trying to enjoy yourself. But that’s not your priority. All you want is to get on his good side, to get him to fall in love with you, so you place all of your focus on him. You make sure he has a good time. You make sure he gets what he wants. You completely forget your happiness is even supposed to be part of the deal.

3. You tell him little white lies. You don’t let him know you spent an hour on your outfit that morning to impress shim. You don’t let him know you already mentioned his name to your parents. You don’t let him know you turned down another guy who was interested because you’re secretly hoping he is going to turn around and date you.

4. You play silly, unwanted dating games. You don’t want to cross any boundaries and scare him off, so you’re careful about how much you text him. You’re careful about how emotional you get in front of him. You’re careful about how many compliments you give him. You try to come across as chill in the hopes he’ll like you more.

5. You start playing pretend with your friends, too. They know how you really feel about him. And they know you’re bound to get hurt by him. Since they want what’s best for you, they’re obviously going to warn you to stay away from him. That’s when you start lying to them too, acting like you would be perfectly fine if a relationship didn’t come out of the situation.

6. You pour way too much effort into trying to be sexy. You shave every inch of your body. You buy lingerie. You read up on how to sext and which moves to use in the bedroom. You go above and beyond because you’re hoping you’ll be able to get him addicted to you. You’ll hoping the sex will be enough to convince him to stay, even though you’ve been told time and time again that isn’t the way this works.

7. You read into every little thing he says. Even though he tells you he’s not ready for a relationship right now, you still find a way to convince yourself he is. You overanalyze every look he gives you, every selfie he sends, every text he writes. You convince yourself there’s a chance he feels the exact same way about you — and that’s why you stick around even though your gut has been telling you to leave. TC mark


1. You stop performing basic rituals. You don’t see much of a point in washing your hair or doing your makeup or inserting your contacts. It’s not like anyone is going to judge you, because no one is going to see you. You have no one else to impress, and honestly, you don’t care enough about yourself to take care of yourself for yourself.

2. You think too much. Since you haven’t been socializing much, your mind starts wandering. You start wondering whether your friends and family even care about you since they haven’t checked in on you. They haven’t realized you’ve been isolating yourself, they haven’t realized you’ve gone MIA, they haven’t realized anything is wrong. Of course, there’s no way for them to tell something has been wrong because you’ve shut them out. You haven’t let them know what’s been going on with you.

3. You become restless. Even if you usually hate leaving your house, being cooped up for too long will make you desperate for human interaction. It will make you want to venture outside, travel the world, meet new people. It will give you a craving for adventure.

4. But you also become lazy. Even though you’re tempted to leave the house, you’ll keep yourself locked inside. The more time you spend alone, the harder it is to conjure up the energy to insert yourself back into the world. It’s easier to keep doing what you’re doing. You stay stuck in a self-destructive cycle you aren’t sure how to break, even though you’re clearly unhappy.

5. You come up with lame excuses to keep doing what you’re doing. If someone asks you to hang out with them, you’ll lie about how you already have plans. If someone asks you how you spent your weekend,  you’ll lie about the exciting things you’ve done. You don’t want to sound pathetic by admitting you haven’t left your bed in weeks. You don’t want anyone to judge you over your sadness.

6. Your jealousy hits an all-time high. You experience a lot of FOMO when you’re scrolling through social media from beneath your blankets. You won’t only be jealous of people who are out having a good time. You’ll be jealous of anyone who has enough energy to post a selfie, to post an update, to put themselves out there in any way at all.

7. You wonder whether something is wrong with you. You wonder why it’s so hard for you to get dressed and leave the house. You wonder why it’s so hard for you to socialize, to be productive, to live a normal life. You wonder whether you’re screwed up somehow, whether there is something about you that’s broken. You wonder whether things are ever going to change.

8. You realize you have to take action. You need to go to therapy. You need to reach out to loved ones. You need to get out in the sun. You need to do something, anything, differently than what you’ve been doing because you’ve been miserable. You know you can’t keep isolating yourself. You can’t keep hiding away and expecting your mood to magically change. You have to take action. You have to start caring more about yourself and taking better care of yourself. TC mark



You miss sharing your darkest thoughts with someone who won’t judge you.


You miss having someone around who will listen to you ramble and vent.


You miss sharing your good times with someone who is genuinely happy for you.


You miss the emotional support and encouragement.


You miss regularly having someone to sleep beside — and cuddle.


You miss having someone to text during your meltdowns.


You miss the comfortable silences where you’re both perfectly happy.


You miss wearing your heart on your sleeve without being afraid of the response.


You miss the sex, the intimacy, the friendship.


You miss having someone you can be your weirdest self around.


You miss the butterflies, the banter, the kisses.


You miss having a plus-one for all of your adventures. TC mark


1. The fact that you’re trying to better yourself means you’re already doing more than most people. Most people refuse to admit they need to change. Most people are comfortable living the rest of their lives the same exact way as they have always lived, even if they’re miserable the entire time.

2. The people you look up to the most, who look like they have it all together, also have moments where they break down. They’re not as perfect as they appear, so don’t hold yourself to some unrealistic standard. Remember, you only see the pieces of them that they want you to see. Meanwhile, you’re stuck seeing every tiny piece of yourself.

3. Change is a process. It takes time. You’re not going to break your bad habits in a matter of minutes. You’re probably going to deal with a setback or two before you reach any sort of success. Remember that, so you don’t give up too easily, so you don’t lose faith in yourself without reason.

4. Anyone who puts you down, who acts like you’re wasting your time working on yourself because you’re never going to succeed, does not deserve a spot in your universe. You should surround yourself with people who believe in you, who inspire you, who encourage you.

5. You’re not a bad person. Even though there are some aspects of yourself you need to work on, that doesn’t mean you’re a screw up. You’re human and humans have faults. You’re no different than anyone else.

6. Just because you’re struggling, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Just because you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean you’re walking the wrong path. The most beautiful things in life require a shit ton of effort. Nothing good is going to come easy.

7. You should be bettering yourself for yourself. Not to impress your crush. Not to make your parents proud. Not to fit in with your friends. Your goal should be to impress yourself, to make yourself proud.

8. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you want to change your behaviors, then you need to be strict with yourself, but you don’t need to torture yourself. You don’t need to treat yourself like your own worst enemy. Stay kind to yourself, even when you’re frustrated with yourself.

9. Even once you accomplish what you’re setting out to do, there are always going to be new ways for you to better yourself. Your growth is going to be ongoing. Your journey is never going to end. It’s going to last a lifetime.

10. Even when you feel like you’re never going to succeed, keep trying. Say screw you to your doubts, screw you to the nasty voice in the back of your head, and keep trying.

11. You can love yourself and still realize there are aspects of yourself that need work. In fact, making a change to your behavior is part of loving yourself. It proves you give a shit about yourself. It proves you care about bettering yourself, about reaching your fullest potential. TC mark


1. Spent a couple weeks in London and Edinburgh this past winter… the biggest thing was not giving my credit card to the waiter. They bring you the machine and you swipe your shit through and it makes perfect sense but it totally put me off my game. Also, they reply ‘cheers’ to fucking everything and I’m unused to that.

2. When Brits say, “You wanna go for a drink?”

American translation: Literally 1 drink.

British meaning: 10 pints, kebab and a souvenir traffic cone.

3. Replying “brilliant” after every comment. Makes me wonder if they are being sarcastic or have a set a really low bar of what brilliance is.

4. Not necessarily odd, but I love how there are charity shops everywhere. Gotta love getting a bargain on books.

5. I never quite realized it till I went there, but tea is the cure all/end all for any situation. You didn’t get into the college you want? Here have some tea. You’re a little groggy? Have some tea. Your arm’s been lobbed off? Let’s get you some tea. Why?

6. Henry the hoover. I lived in the UK for a few months and every vacuum I saw grinned at me with that weird face.

7. Went to London for the first time a couple years ago. Had a several people say hello with, “Hey, you alright?” Which made really self-conscious until I realized it was like, “Hey, how are you?”

8. I love the difference between American and British programming, especially Kitchen Nightmares.

British version: “Oh, the lobster’s off, yeah? You can’t serve it. You’ll get someone sick.”

American version: “It’s SPOILED, you donkey! You’ll kill someone! Shut it down! Shut it all down! Fuck me!” Cue dramatic music, three jump cuts to shocked expressions, and a commercial.

9. I’m British, but some of my American friends don’t understand why my washing machine is in my kitchen. Or how I drink tea that isn’t iced – admittedly that one works in reverse as well.

10. I’m Australian and find it weird that Christmas is a huge day for TV ratings. Series often have a Christmas special that is a really big deal, and evening soap operas have big events and which soap gets the highest ratings is a big deal. Even though it is warmer here, in the evening we are usually inside and sometimes do retire to the living room. At my family events we might watch a Christmas movie or maybe something funny. We’d never dream of watching a soap or a TV drama.

Also, the number one song at Christmas is important. Here in Australia we couldn’t care less what song is number one on Christmas day.

11. They take their dress up codes very serious. Like legit you’ll get turned away at the door if you’re “too casual.”

12. Pants means underwear. I made that mistake telling our tour guide that I got my pants dirty and that I needed to go change.

13. The astonishing number of Indian restaurants all across the United Kingdom.

14. The amount of culinary shows on TV.

15. Saying sorry for things you shouldn’t be sorry for?

Me: Stands in Tesco looking at frozen food.

Person next to me also looking at frozen food: Oh sorry!

16. That their summer break is 6-8 weeks.

17. The way that everyone’s waiting his turn to take the bus. You guys are too… civilized.

18. The passive-aggressiveness.

“It was SO nice to meet you” can be an insult depending on tone.

“What do you think of the weather” can mean “stop talking to me”.

19. What is up with that nasty fake tan bullshit?

20. The constant battle for who can self-deprecate the most.

21. From the US. I have never heard so many ways to insult someone… Bell end, knobhead, nonce, pedo, plampar, plant plot, Mardy cunt, slag, ya donut.

Also an extensive list I’ve heard of things you’d rather do than what’s been suggested: I’d rather shit in me hands and clap.

I’d rather circumcise myself with a butter knife.

I’d rather watch my mum give birth.

22. Brits can never decide if they want to use the metric system or not. You measure your weight in stone, your height in feet, and your beer in pints – but you buy your produce in grams, your petrol in liters, and switch between miles and kilometers on a whim. What gives?

23. No air conditioning is pretty weird for an American. Trains that work. Massive prices in central London.

24. As an American, the number of security cameras in public places, particularly in London.

25. I think it’s odd that your entire country is roughly the same size as the US state I live in, yet whenever I see pics of England there’s all this open space (hills and country roads and wee villages that look lost in time) and you’re still a major world power.

26. Saying orright as a greeting. At first I didn’t know how to react. I was like yeah I’m fine mate. Got a problem?

27. Just did 2 weeks in the UK, to me, the things that seemed the oddest, were actually improvements over Canadian culture. Kids and dogs can go to pubs, cashiers at grocery stores get to sit down, roundabouts everywhere.

28. The tribalism in the England alone, never mind the whole UK.

Liverpool to Manchester is a 45 minute drive from each other and they have completely different accents, and cultures. Over in Yorkshire it’s again completely different, London is a different world, the mid lands is another whole thing.

And they all appear to hate each other. As an American it amazing to study.

29. Place names. I don’t mean Cockswallop or whatever crude rural towns they have, I mean shit like Stratford-upon-Avon. When I go to the Dictionary of English Place Names, the very first thing that pops out to me is called Abbotskerswell. Also among the A’s is Ab Kettleby, Angmering, THREE Arlingtons, Arryheernabin and Askam in Furness. Going all the way to the end of the list, we see that the final name starting with Y is: Ystumllwynarth.

30. When British people want to be extra mean to you, they just act super polite.

31. The amount of bar fights I witnessed. I didn’t even know this stereotype going in so I was totally unprepared, and my jaw was on the FLOOR the first time I saw two guys lunge at each other and the Hulk bouncers all but literally throwing them onto the street. GREAT FUN.

32. One time we were going from a friend’s flat to the bar and someone me asked if I wanted a beer “for the road.” I said, “You can drink in public?” He looked at me indignantly and replied, “Of course! It’s a free country!” Well, damn. I’d never considered that!

33. The way to order drinks: Singles, doubles, and the bartenders carefully measuring everything. I was used to the protocol of, flash a smile at the cute bartender and who knows how much liquor might go into your drink. It might be 90% liquor. If you’re lucky. I also had to learn what a pint was, and what it meant when my roommates ordered “a Snakebite.”

34. Getting dressed up for the bar/club (like seriously, these girls looked like they were going to prom).

35. I’m from Poland and what’s always baffled me about the UK is that so many popular worldwide brands have different names and logos. Axe = Lynx, Opel = Vauxhall, Lays = Walkers, etc.

36. Something I’m a big fan of is the lack of overreacting.

The world could be ending in a cataclysmic asteroid strike, and you could find a British gentleman standing staunchly with a slightly quizzical expression who says, “Well, that’s that then,” while putting his pipe back in his mouth.

I’ve tried to emulate that level of calm in my life…

37. Taking the BBC for granted, especially radio. I think it would be awesome to have instant access anywhere in the country to that amount of commercial-free information and entertainment, yet I’ve never met a British person who actually listens to it. They’re always like, “Meh… sometimes I put on Radio 1 I guess.”

38. As an Australian, one thing I find odd is the British perception of distance. A 20 minute drive somewhere is seen as a big journey, when over here that’s often how far you’ll drive to go to the shops on a Thursday evening!

39. Your crisps flavors are out of control.

In the US there’s usually a spicy flavor, a cheese flavor, and plain flavor of mostly any salty snack.

In Britain, there’s like “Chicken casserole flavor,” “your mum’s favorite broth flavor,” and “I’m at a pickle factory flavor.”

But seriously there’s like 40 flavors of crisps and maybe 5 of them are any good and don’t smell like wet dog food.

40. What confused me about Britain is that there are literally no trash cans to be found, yet the place is so clean. I was in the gardens near the Buckingham palace (I don’t remember their name) and I couldn’t find a single garbage can in the whole area. I mean it is not that important but it is still odd.

41. Dated (and subsequently married) a Brit, I was so confused when he asked his nan what she had for tea and it was a full meal. Turns out brits call lunch, dinner and dinner, tea. I find this extremely bizarre.

42. The stunning number of kebab places littering every downtown street in the country.

43. I lived in Manchester for about a year and a half and the weirdest thing for me was the “pay as you go” payment for heat and electricity. It was annoying as hell, especially when you woke up and the whole house was cold AF because the heating turned itself off in the middle of the night.

44. Insulting you, but then asking you to agree with them. “You’re rather dense, aren’t you?”

45. I live in Midwestern America. Everyone in Britain can understand the way I speak without an issue… Doesn’t always work the other way around.

46. The amount of advertising, you can’t even look at a bus without seeing 5 logos on it, it’s like blank space is wasted money so they have to fill everything.

47. Currently traveling in the UK as an American, and not tipping is the thing that’s thrown me off the most. I’m a generous tipper in the US because I know how much it matters to waiters/waitresses there. I ate at a nice seafood place in dover, left a fiver for a tip on a 15 pound bill, and the waitress looked at me like I’d grown two heads.

48. Was in a pub and two guys were talking politics. They kept calling each other and the politicians c*nts. I found it hilarious because of how poorly that convo would be received in the US.

49. How thoroughly the British will go out of their way (and often to their detriment) to avoid causing a fuss. Honestly, I could cut the front of the line in any location and the worst thing that I would receive is a muttering underneath someone’s breath.

50. Beans for breakfast. TC mark


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