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Oct 4 '19 | By adminoiam2single | Views: 345 | Comments: 0

This site is on google play @ or if your want just go to the site and it will do it for you! Look down at the bottom of the page! there it is! It's a PWA and for those who don't know what that is and your in the computer field or not!

It is a Progressive Web App! Now you want to know more, right? Normally, I would go all Pulp Fiction on you! Or, like our resent bad ass movie call Anna for all of you newbie or what a bee! We have the tech, and we are not being greedy, It is for every one, At a price!

This website that you are currently on is call: I'm Single, it cost $2 for a one day membership! Goto this site, pay $2 for one day membership! Load up 20 great pictures of yourself and profile, an wait about 3 days! Just watch the instant notifications come during that time on the pwa instant notifications, in on your device! and when your ready, or when you think your ready? Like maybe 2 or 3 days later an pay $2 and reenter your same account!

Super Cool Right!

Did someone say Technology is one of the greatest resource we have and the Knowledge to take care of it! We have it, an we are not keeping it, it is yours to use and share! OIAm2, LLC price to meet people in any language all over the world, in 96 Languages all over the world is $2 on this site:!

You can purchase the Hybrid at:

Personally, I would just go up the the door and say knock, knock it's me @

Trent Jones

C.E.O of OIAm2, LLC @

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